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Why Outsource Your IT To Mexico

While cultural affinity, proximity and time zone take center stage in the list of reasons to outsource to Mexico, one of the biggest underlying factors is the proximity to silicon valley. The Mexican IT Industry has had front row seats to the world’s tech innovation capital for two decades watching a never ending quest for resources. Mexico’s response is a permanent solution built on the foundations of higher English proficiency. The message is clear, if you’re looking to outsource your IT, the solution is NearShore Technology and the destination is Mexico.

Nearshoring vs. Offshoring

Like a giant wave to break, the business practice of nearshoring is about to come crashing down on American companies, positively impacting those businesses that adopt this new form of IT outsourcing. Nearshoring is also taking a big bite out of the offshoring industry and quickly washing away this outdated model of outsourcing. Nearshoring is also taking a big bite out of the offshoring industry.

Proximity & Time Zone

The first major difference that jumps out between offshoring and nearshoring is geographic proximity and time zone differences – here the clear advantage goes to nearshoring. With a lag time of up to 12 hours in some cases, offshoring “overseas” will inevitably take its toll on the control of projects and erode effective management and communications, which are next to impossible when half of your team is wide awake and working hard, while the other half is asleep halfway around the world. In contrast, nearshoring allows all the business stakeholders to work in the same or neighboring time zones. Mexico, for example, falls in the central time, which is why more and more U.S. companies are making the switch to this emerging IT resource.

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